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Silvia Depaire

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1970.
Artist and painter I live and work currently in Antony, suburb of Paris.

Before becoming an artist, I did some years of marketing in the university of my natal city, but when I arrived in France I realized that my vocation was painting and I decided to join the School of Fine Arts in Nice in 1991.

In my pictorial universe I search permanently the balance between the movement, the light and the color. My objective is to conceive and finish my work from the moment I start to paint.

My goal in my abstract paintings is to arouse varied, intense or peaceful feelings coming from my inspiration based in the current events. Eg: Icelandic volcano Eyjafjöl in April, 2010). My classic and experimental techniques sometimes in a simple or complex way help me to reach there.

Materials: for my paintings on canvas, I use acrylic, brushes, pigments, soft pastels, charcoals, papers, fabrics, glues, mortars of structures, brilliant and matt varnish – ultra-shine, transparent balls, gessos, binders, pastas in reliefs, and other modern materials for artwork purposes.

The trees that I expose in all my paintings emanate of my memories of childhood, walks in the family plantations of birches located in the delta of Buenos Aires. In these wonderful trees of peace I snuggle up in the stoneware of my artwork.

«I feel complete and happy to exercise, according to my opinion, the most beautiful profession of the world in which the imagination is permanent and essential.»

Silvia Depaire

This world was created to be shared with the likers, I invite you to discover it.

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